The Amp Magazine began in 2004 at St. Louis University and is happily associated with KSLU Radio. Please be sure to note that The Amp Magazine is different, and in our opinion better, than any other publication that might have a name similar to ours. The “The” in our name is integral. Booyah.

The Amp strives to bring its readers the new and creative ideas and opinions about music around the world as well as music around the St. Louis, MO area. Being that it is a publication of the wonderous KSLU Radio at St. Louis University, we also proudly present our readers with KSLU news and updates.

The Amp was originally printed on 11”x 17” paper of various colors. Then in April of 2006 it went on to be printed on newsprint. From that time until the Fall of 2007 it was printed bi-monthly on newsprint. Today, The Amp Magazine has transformed itself into an online music publication that will be a source for fresh ideas and creative thought for those graced with internet access to enjoy.

We have a small but dedicated staff that works around the clock to bring YOU awesome content to enjoy every week.

We love feedback, so let us know what you think about our stories!

–Megan Hundley Publications Director, KSLU Radio

2 Responses to “About The Amp”

  1. Carl Says:

    The Amp is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. KSLU is awesome too.

  2. Jami Says:

    Can someone from the staff please contact me? I have a question that I dont want to post here. Thank you.

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