Photos and Write-Up by Chris Weiss

Photos and Write-Up by Chris Weiss

Coming out in a whirlwind of piano rock, Ohio-natives Relient K lit up The Pageant in Saint Louis, Missouri to cap off the night as the headlining band for the Uncle Fest Tour. 

Dressed in a black cape, Matt Thiessen held nothing back as he stormed the stage to open the set with “I Need You,” a song from their latest album, Five Score and Seven Years Ago (2007).  Drawing from both new and old alike, Relient K let rip songs such as “Sadie Hawkins Dance,” from their 2001 album Anatomy of the Tongue and Cheek, “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been,” from their 2004 hit album Mmhmm, as well as new ones such as “The Lining is Silver,” from their newly released 2008 B-side album, The Birds and the Bees.

Although Matt Thiessen plays a myriad of instruments, one could find him much of the time tethered to his Baldwin.  Slammin’ on the ivories and guitar for much of the concert, Thiessen showed his affinity for many types of musical instruments.

Ending the night with an encore, Relient K played the lengthy yet beautiful and harmonically endowed song, “Deathbed,” from Five Score and Seven Years Ago.  Although easily over 11 minutes in length, it is definitely worth a listen.

Growing up with Relient K (since middle school!), I’ve seen the transitions they’ve been through, and regardless of what time one may have heard them from, let me state this: they rock.  If you haven’t yet, definitely check out Mmhmm.  It was the CD transitioning them between a slightly lyrically-goofy band to something much more serious.  If you go further back, you get them singing hilarious songs about Skittles and Combos, or even Thundercats (HO!!!).  Regardless of time or who they’ve become, Relient K has stuck to their own music with their own roots, and has generated a huge following fans and lovers alike.