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So, this is the place that we (the publications director and editor in chief of The Amp) will post our splendiferous musical findings. Whether they be funny, amazing, simply sensational or rather thought provoking; we will tell you what we think about it. ‘Cause that’s how we do, we do, we do..

8-12-08 (post by Megatron…at WORK!)

What is the deal with everyone and their grandparents listening to M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” all of a sudden? Hasn’t this song been out for almost a year now? I feel like I’m having dejavu but this time it’s M.I.A. and not Plain White T’s. UGH! Here is the real issue at hand (I s’pose): Would I be happier if people were hip to all the new music came out since, yes, I have been known to get annoyed when music I enjoy gets into the Top 40. Sure I’m happy for the band or musician. Kudos! Money in the bank. But it gives someone a little bit of musical “street cred” if one listens to semi-known “indie” bands. I don’t know. It’s just a thought that I had. I mean, I’ve been hearing that song all over the freakin’ place lately and I had stopped listening to it on my Macbook a while ago since I was going to do as the song says and “numerous gun shots” someone the next time I heard it.

Thanks. Pineapple Express. A-holes.

Here’s another song from M.I.A. that might tide you over until you listen to one of her more recently released songs in 5 years from now…

CAUTION: Seizures are known to happen while enjoying M.I.A.

8-7-08 (post by Megatron!)

So, while I was caught up in the “real world” at my job at CareerBuilder.com, I had a few friends come to visit for Lollapalooza. One of those guests was the lovely Mrs. Dranklesworth! Joy! Anyway, here is my epiphany: I don’t hate Wilco. I really thought I would, to be quite honest. I believe the only Wilco song I’ve ever heard just a little bit of was in an episode of Gilmore Girls, which made me think that maybe I could tolerate to listen to them but I kept my snootiness strong. Well, bollocks to said snootiness! Lollapalooza ’08 changed my life forever. I saw Wilco play live in the company of my long time BFF Charlie and I was in awe of how much I actually liked them. So, in tribute to my new fangled interest in this folk-rock band, here is “Shot in the Arm” by Wilco at Lollapalooza 2008.


5-10-08(post by Megatron!!)

Can ya tell that it’s been finals week(s) by our lack of updating? I sure as heck can. Regardless, I have had an epiphany as of late that maybe the Disney Channel isn’t completely full of garbage. I mean, this could have crossed my mind when I was, ahem, obsessed with shows like The Mickey Mouse Club and Even Stevens but I am taking the chance at saying that the musical talent coming out of the Disney Channel is blowing everyone out of the water. I don’t care who you are, Miley Cyrus’s songs are really catchy and fun. Also, The Jonas Brothers are pretty talented for being so young! And let’s not forget about Aly and AJ, they are rockin’ girls with really snappy songs. Well, then there’s Ashley Tisdale who was on a more recent show on the DC and then was in that cult following of a movie High School Musical and she’s pretty talented. I’m not even going to get started on Zac Efron, ohhh man!

The following video is “S.O.S.” by the Jonas Brothers. Just try not to have it stuck in your head.

I’m sure you are all shocked, and maybe even scared, at the fact that I know so much about the Disney Channel stars of late. But, I mean, I DO have little cousins…

4-28-08 (post by Mrs. Dranklesworth)
Oh Santogold. You have just completed the circle of life of musical legitimacy. Let me explain. The Clash are about as legit as it gets (critically acclaimed, hugely influential for decades), and their song “Straight to Hell” was ripped off for the song “Paper Planes” by M.I.A. (relatively new to the scene, but respected for her innovative Sri-Lankan flow). In turn, M.I.A.’s sound and 80s-tacular look were ripped off by Santogold (uh…she went to school in PA and used to be in a ska band). And THEN: Budweiser decided to use Santogold’s new single “Creator” to hawk their new lime beer. Congratulations, Santogold, there goes your street cred. Now, if it’d been an ad for Red Stripe, she would’ve been SET.

Well, here’s the ad. I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet that this shit is going to taste like sweat, beer, and limeade. Yeesh.

4-20-08 (post by Megatron)

It could happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. “Every 5 seconds some one is Rick Rolled”, according to the video you are about to watch. If you don’t know what being “Rick Rolled” is all about then you have not lived. I don’t know whether it is a blessing or a curse but I have yet to be Rick Rolled. Until that blessed moment comes you and I both will have to hold on to our dreams of it one day happening…

4-17-08 (post by Megatron!)

I am irate. This is one of my favorite songs right now and I can’t download it for another week and a half because I am in the United States. BOGUS! Anyway, here is “Young Love” by Mystery Jets featuring Laura Marling. I am 100% pro Laura Marling. I might go as far to say (and actually I have) that she is my “girl crush”. So, until I can DL this in late April I will be religiously watching this video on here or on youtube. Thank you England for making my life worth living!!!


4-5-08 (post by Mrs. Dranklesworth)

So last night, I became proud of my gene pool. Witch’s Hat (of which my cousin Steve bassist/keyboardist extraordinaire) rocked the Billiken Club last night with their magical blend of mythology, dance rock, and a crazy dude with a tambourine. I’ll be posting a full review soon, just so that you can feel really jealous that you missed it. For now, here’s a shot of the band playing at the Knitting Factory at CMJ (images courtesy of blender.com).

Witch\'s Hat, doing their thing. Yeah, we\'re related.

4-4-08 (post by Megatron)

Again, this is another old one. Not necessarily an epiphany but I am hopelessly in love with this pair of dudes from New Zealand. And yes, I know what time it is… it’s business time.

4-1-08 (post by Megatron)

On a level from 1 to Amazing I nominate this to be Super Sweet Awesome Amazing. Yes, S^2 A^2.

p.s. April Fool’s Day!!!!! lolz, I tots got you! SNAP!

3-30-08 (post by Mrs. Dranklesworth)

So last night I was at The Pageant, waiting for the Explosions in the Sky show to start, when the people next to me started doing that thing where they cheer for nobody, just to get the crowd thinking that someone’s come onstage. My friends and I thought that was she funnies trick…freshman year of high school. This comic fits in perfectly with that sort of behavior. It’s one of the kinds of conversations that are held loudly, for everyone around to hear….332.png

3-26-08 (post by Megatron)

Love, love, love these spastic dudes. It’s no “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” but here is “A- Punk” by Vampire Weekend! w00t!

3-24-08 (post by Megatron!)

A’ight dudez. Here’s a math problem for you. What do you get when I lose my voice, watch MTV for 8+ hours and drink way too much caffeinated tea? You get French techno. This is the sweetest video I’ve seen in a while. There are boss haircuts, sweet kicks and hot dudes dancing. What more could you want?! So here’s a remix of “A cause des garcons” by Yelle. I normally cannot stop laughing when I hear French but this was just so cool that my normal tendencies were snuffed out. I love Yelle!

3-21-08 (post by Mrs. Dranklesworth…finally)

Hello all, sorry about the lack of postage from my end – I’ve been away from all computer contact for the past 5 days. And let me tell you, I’ve suffered about as much as you did.As for this video, I’ll just say that I love Tilly and the Wall. When I saw them last year, I may or may not have confided to Kianna Alarid that I saw God. At least she thought it was funny… So here’s the video from their song “Beat Control,” their newest offering. And while I’m so-so on the song itself (uh yeah where’s the tapdancing!?), this video is pure neon bliss! All the colors pushed any Gloria Estefan comparisons about the music right ot of my head.

3-19-08 (post by Megatron)

Please allow me to preface this with the fact that I was entranced by Mickey Avalon after seeing, of all things, a Boost Mobile commercial. I’m a sucker for advertising, what can I say? Although, to date I’ve always had a Cingular (now AT&T) phone so maybe I’m not that easily sold. Back to my point! Mickey Avalon makes me smile. He is, after all, “a little bit country and a little bit punk”, which is tres intriguing. He’s a lanky white rapper who possibly wears more make-up daily than I do in a week so that’s something to be admired for. Anyway, I love this guy, so here’s his UNRATED video for “Mr. Right”.


3-18-08 (post by Megatron)

So here’s what you are probably thinking, “Why is Megatron so obsessed with British music?!” Well guys, I just can’t help myself. It’s catchy, creative and the videos trump anything made in the US. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I am obsessed since I plan on moving to England in the near future for just that reason. Call me crazy, I won’t take offense (in this case). Regardless, here’s Johnny Flynn and his song “The Box”.

3-16-08 (post by Megatron…again today, sorry)

OK, Kids. Let’s play a game called “Spot the Seizures.” It’s a fun game where you try to count the near innumerable seizures being had by the sweet Bri’ish dudes and company in this video.Don’t get me wrong, I’m digging this song. That’s why it’s here. I just love the boss “dance moves” being portrayed here. So get ready to watch Foals with their song “Balloons”…

3-16-08 (post by Megatron)

I find this song interesting. It’s no Bloc Party, but it’ll do it’s job, which I believe is to get you to dance. This is “Brianstorm” by Arctic Monkeys. See, with their witty title they had me thinking this song was going to be about brain storming. Just turns out I am slightly lysdexic. Or dyslexic, rather.

3-14-08 (post by Megatron)

This would be my idea of a perfect afternoon until the last 10 seconds. Oh well. Here ya go, it’s “Tell me what it’s worth” by Lightspeed Champion. I’ve listened to this CD about 5 times a day since I put it on my computer. All my friends like it, too. Be lemmings and love them! NOW!

3-13-08 (post by Megatron)

Electronic music is burrowing into my brain, as of late. I find myself busting a move more often than before (hard to imagine, I know) and I also frequently attempt to relay many sweet synth sounds. Anyway, Hot Chip is a pretty amazing and is a popular new release in the KSLU studio. I am proud to present this tasty lick called “Shake a Fist.”

3-12-08 (post by Mrs. Dranklesworth)

I’ve always wondered what it would be like if my life was a musical. Strangely enough, the folks over at Improv Everywhere seem to have tapped into my imagination and made it a reality. This is even cooler than the time that everyone in my high school cafeteria started singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” …mainly because the people in this video are, you know, on key.

3-8-08 (post by Megatron)

I love Justin Timberlake. That’s about it. I mean seriously, JT + awesome dance music = hot shit. Let’s just say that if I were to meet JT I would probably pee my pants and then die.

p.s. This used to be my ringtone on my old pink razor phone. Now I have a slider that plays Flight of the Conchords. You tell me which is sweeter. Split decision? That’s where I am.

3-07-08 (BONUS DOUBLE POST by Mrs. Dranklesworth)

The Tiny Masters of Today are the future of music…literally. Clocking in at 12 and 14, respectively, sibling duo Ava and Ivan have been rocking it since 2005. They can’t even drive yet!Kids With Canes, aka the lovely Karen O and Barnaby Clay have also discovered this greatness, joining forces with the child prodigies to make a music video for “Hologram World.” Watch and enjoy.I’m a huge fan of Arcade Fire…and I’m an even bigger fan of seeing such an epic band in a teeny space. And so, I give you Arcade Fire performing Neon Bible in an elevator! Brilliant.

3-5-08 (post by Megatron)

It’s no epiphany that Bloc Party is amazing. A copious amount of generously made bacardi and diet cokes caused me to post this oldie but goodie.

p.s. I don’t need fear to keep me in place. British guys are sexy and Bloc Party, along with being British already, are friggin’ hot themselves. Enough said.

3-4-08 (post by Mrs. Dranklesworth)

Being so tall, I’m fascinated by miniature things…and when a sweet band becomes tiny and wreaks havoc on a wee little town, it’s pretty much boss.

3-3-08 (post by Megatron)

There are far too many motha ucka’s uckin’ my shi. They are certainly going to wake up in a smoothie.

p.s. mango!

3-2-08 (post by Mrs. Dranklesworth)

So we here at “Epiphanies” enjoy witty banter almost as much as we enjoy good music, which is why I think that Questionable Content deserves The Amp’s endorsement. Case in point:If you like this, check out questionablecontent.net for more…368-3.png

3-1-08 (post by Megatron)

Here’s a little history lesson, kids. Former president George Washington was a total B.A. Not only did he chop down a cherry tree in his angsty youth but he was accomplished in many other random talents. Watch this little diddy and be joyfully informed!

2-29-08 (post by Mrs. Dranklesworth)

In honor of leap day, I present to you the brilliance that is Cute With Chris. If you’ve ever envied someone’s beatbox skillz, then prepare to be blown away. I plan to answer the phone in tha same manner as our friend Chris from now on…

P.S. Enemy UAV is airborne!!!

2-28-08 (post by Megatron)

At this point in time, I am moderately obsessed with MGMT. Most days I can’t seem to get the initial tune of “Kids” out of my flippin’ head! It’s pretty darn catchy, yo. With that in mind (ha!), please put down any acid you were thinking about taking. This next video will negate any reason to ever take illegal substances again. Ever.So, here is the video for MGMT’s song, “Time to Pretend”. My favorite part, if I really have to chose, is when they are standing on an ancient aboriginal monument towards the end of the video. They are so majestic already and this just ups the ante.

(I guess just click on the video itself and it will take you to youtube since it’s being lame and won’t let you watch it here.)


2-27-08 (post by Caroline Doerhoff, a.k.a. Mrs. Dranklesworth)

While it’s no musical cat, this new(ish) video for Yeasayer’s “Wait for the Summer” is a space trip of paper cutouts and crazy otherworldly effects…in other words, it fits Yeasayer’s sound perfectly. As an added bonus, they even re-recorded the song especially for the video! Epic.

2-26-08 (post by Megan Hundley, a.k.a. Megatron)

Growing up in a home where my mom was a piano teacher should have caused me to be a fairly decent player myself. Alas, that is certainly not the case. This cat has skills I can only dream of having, in terms of piano playing. Obviously, the cat is a visual learner and picked up on all the piano playing techniques pretty fast, i.e. not resting your cat wrists on the piano when you play, maintaining good kitty back posture, etc. My first thought, after “Awww!” was, “How does that cat reach the friggin’ pedals?” Regardless, the best part of this video is around the 1 minute mark. Feast your eyes on some of the most God-given kitty talent this world has ever seen.

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  1. Alison Says:

    It is so cool that you posted about MGMT because I was able to include you guys in my Sony report since we are working their new album right now!

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