Welcome to the wonderful world of KSLU Radio at Saint Louis University! In this section of The Amp Magazine we will inform you of the inner and outer workings of our rockin’ radio station. From DJ and Director profiles to general information about KSLU, you will be so in the know that you might not be able to handle it.



As the 2007-2008 school year comes to a close, the director positions have been given out for next year! Here’s what all of you KSLU obsessed peeps have to look forward to next school year!

General Manager – Kyle Sennish

Station Manager – Adam Hayes

Finance Director – Christian Skoch

Music Director – Alison Arida

KSLU on KDHX Director – Kyle Lewis

Promotions Director – Tim Lemieux

Publications Director – Caroline Doerhoff

Mobile DJ Team Director – David Wetzel

Programming Directors – Lesley Rottsolk and Sanita Saengvilay

Events Director – Leah Ducey

Production Directors – Katie Jonas and Bryan Barrett

A big congratulations to all the new directors. Love and nurture our KSLU as well as the past directors have.


So, the KSLU vs. KWUR (Washington University’s radio station) kickball game was a success AND a defeat. A success because it was the bomb.com of fun and a defeat because, well, we lost… again. Here is a picture from the game to show just how awesomely amazing we truly are.

2 Responses to “–K$LU–”

  1. SkochMasterFlash Says:

    A veritable facerape of KSLU? sorry, K$LU?

  2. My lady is a graduate of SLU- she was on KSLU too, her show was called “That Show” She said back then it was more of a tv-radio station than anything.

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