Photos and Write-Up by Chris Weiss

Photos and Write-Up by Chris Weiss

Taking the stage after The Gaslight Anthem, experimental hardcore rockers Thrice took the stage in an explosion of epic lighting and slammed into the heaving barriers that were filled to the max with over 2,300 fans.

I hadn’t listened to Thrice much before this tour, but this band definitely brought out the riffs, beats, and post-hardcore rock.  Dustin Kensrue on lead guitar/vox and Teppei Teranishi, on lead guitar alongside Kensrue, often came to the front of the stage, creating close encounters that gave interesting angles while brothers Eddie and Riley Breckenridge brought the smackdown on bass and drums from further down the stage.

Let me get this out there: This.  Set.  ROCKED.  When Thrice hit the floor, the lights literally exploded.  Amazing washes of white covered the front while multiple colours of blue, red, and green hit the back.  In my opinion, they definitely had the best lighting of the night which definitely brought interesting effects to the photos.  Additionally, since the lighting was a bit brighter, it allowed me to shoot somewhat faster — and no one can argue with that!  With kick ass music and a plethora of lighting, this photographer can’t argue that Thrice’s set definitely made for an enjoyable night.

That’s it for this tour – but stay tuned for more concert photography in the future!