Photos and Write-Up by Chris Weiss

Photos and Write-Up by Chris Weiss

Following The Gaslight Anthem and Thrice, Alkaline Trio took the stage to show that they could continue the throwdown of punk rock, and that Rise Against would have to bring it louder, harder, and stronger if they wanted to raise the bar that Trio brought.

Led by Matt Skiba on guitar and vox, the trifecta from Chicago stretched the speakers and monitors to their maximum capacity as they brought the beats.  Backed by Dan Andriano layin’ the low notes on bass, and Derek Grant drummin’ the percussions, Alkaline Trio brought their own flavor to this tasty hardcore, punk rock fest.

From a photographer’s perspective, this shoot was really interesting. Following Thrice, who had amazing lighting, I was expecting a blow-out of white front lights and back coloured washes. However, this wasn’t the case. Aside from some white flares and hints of blue on Grant, there wasn’t much white light to be seen.  However, what Alkaline Trio may have lacked in lighting compared with Thrice, they made up for in energy.  They brought a nice challenge to the pit to photograph, and kept the crowd on their feet and screaming for more.

For this set I utilized the Nikon D300 w/ the 17-55 f/2.8 and 80-200 f/2.8.  I mainly used the shorter range for Skiba while using the 80-200 to get some close-ups of Grant, as well as Skiba and Andriano.  An 11-16 or 10-20 would have provided an interesting angle, as Skiba often came to the front of the stage to riff it out.

Stay tuned for more with Thrice!