Black Kids have been one of the most hyped bands of the summer, and their long-anticipated debut album “Partie Traumatic” was finally released yesterday… But was it worth all the fuss?

Do you like the 80s? Are lyrics that neither make much sense nor rhyme that well not that big of a deal for you? Would you enjoy the yodelings of a youngish Robert Smith, up half an octave? Well then I have the band for you! Black Kids are neither black nor children, but they’re going to be your new favorite band whether you like it or not.

Partie Traumatic begins with “Hit the Heartbreaks,” which busts out with a full on 80s synth blast and a knock knock joke, giving the listener a taste of the surreal mix of puns and retro pop that pervades the entire album. Lead singer Reggie Youngblood’s voice slides and dips through the synthetic soundscapes, the result and eerie premonition of what Robert Smith might’ve sounded like had The Cure come out of Florida instead of England.

First single “I’m Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” offers a pretty standard watching the girl of your dreams from afar-type scenario, but with another infectious synth hook, more nonsense lyrics (“You are the girl/that I’ve been dreaming of/ever since I was a little girl”) and Justice-like kid choruses shouting “Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!” – and you can’t really help but oblige their command.

Overall, Partie Traumatic is the perfect album for the summertime – light, fun, and occasionally witty synth pop from five pun-loving non-black kids. It was released in the US on July 22.