This might be the shortest story of all time but I feel compelled to write something about the economy and how it has made a difference in the music industry. Well, maybe not as deep at the music industry in its entirety, but at least the selling of vinyl and hard to find David Bowie records.

This past weekend I found myself in Atomic Records in Milwaukee, WI buying records with a cool dude. I was obviously looking for anything with David Bowie on it and of course I found a 3-disc compilation of his “lost years” aptly named “David Bowie: Secrets of my Lost Years 1969-1973”. Holy Shit!

Needless to expand further upon, I was ecstatic.

Let me tell you something more exciting. It was $15.

Another tidbit of awesomeness, I found “ChangesThreeBowie” for $9. Bowied out? Never.

Here’s a cool video for you to enjoy featuring Mr. Bowie:

At long last I have returned! Since I have graduated I have had A LOT of time to do nothing and listen to a butt load of music all the time. Along with said wonderful activities, I have a few things to share concerning the music world via Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I am sad to no longer be the Publications Director, but I will try to write at least SOMETHING on here from time to time. — Megan Hundley

me rockin\' out to Guitar Hero

(pictured above: me keeping it real in Milwaukee by rocking out to Guitar Hero)

Matter of business numero 1:

My beau (John) and I were eating lunch at the amazing Comet Cafe on the East Side of Milwaukee when all of a sudden a notable musician graced us with his presence — Andy Hurley (the drummer of Fall Out Boy)! It’s no wonder that Hurley, being the straight edge vegan that he is, was eating at Comet since they have amazing vegan friendly food. Now, I am proud, and at the same time embarrassed, that I was not the one who recognized him.

Here’s how the short story goes: I was perusing the menu and John suddenly exclaims, “OMGz! It’s Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy!!!” I, of course, erupt in laughter because my first thought is the fairly known, poorly drawn online parodies of their song “Sugar, We’re Going Down”. To be quite honest, I don’t care much for the band but John insists that their earlier stuff is pretty great. I mean, he is such an indie-snob (points nose up in the air). Joking aside, I just thought it was cool to see a rocker out of his element just hanging out around his hometown. Respecting his privacy and trying not to be a complete creeper, I decided against asking him for an interview. John, on the other hand, told me that he wished he had worn his Since By Man t-shirt since the last time he saw FOB in concert Hurley had commented on his t-shirt saying is was cool.

Matter of business number dos:

I have been shown the light — Vinyl records are exponentially cooler than CDs, mp3s, cassette tapes, etc. The pictures on the cover are cooler, the sound is cooler and the overall feel is cooler.

Last matter of business (3, in case you lost count):

Bjork makes crazy music videos. My friends, Charlie, John, Mary and I were watching a DVD of her music videos and a vast majority of them involve her, “…being nude in front of a green screen leaving the director to do whatever the hell he wants”, commented Charlie. Now, it was a general consensus that the video for “Joga” is a huge let down. It’s just a helicopter going over random landscapes and sometimes the director/editor used a computer program to make it look like the world is being viewed through a kaleidoscope and then hot magma is spewing out of every orifice.

For your enjoyment, here is a Bjork video of her song “Triumph of a Heart”. I love this video, it is hilarious and it has a dancing cat in it. Let the weirdness begin…

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