Photos and write-up by Keith Mokris

Scream-core heavy hitters Atreyu dominated the Revolution Stage as the fourth show of the day at Projekt Revolution. Just after a downpour, the band came out swinging to work the crowd into a frenzy.

Without a doubt, every member of a Atreyu brought the energy and intensity during their entire show. Lead singer Alex Varkatzas moved around the stage like he was in a title fight. Pumping his fists, jumping in the air, and throwing punches galore to excite the crowd.

At the same time, guitarists Travis Miguel and Dan Jacobs poured on the heat with their skill and finesse on the strings. Bassist Marc McKnight wielded his bass like a tomahawk. Drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller pounded his triple bass kit with ferocity.

For the rest of the week, look for sets by Street Drum Corps, Ashes Divide, Chris Cornell, and Linkin Park!