In a creative mix of pop, punk, alternative, and indie folk music, the revamped Creepy Crawl in Saint Louis, Missouri hosted four amazing bands on the night of August 12, 2008. With Cute is What We Aim For headlining the tour, Ace Enders [the former co-founder of indie-rock band Early November] with his new band Ace Enders and A Million Different People, Danger:Radio, and the Chicago-native band Powerspace, the Creepy Crawl was filled to the brim with excited fans waiting to hear some of their favorite artists.

Photos and write-up by Chris Weiss

Shaant Hacikyan of Cute Is What We Aim For

Arthur “Ace” Enders of Ace Enders and A Million Different People [formerly with Early November]

Andrew de Torres of Danger:Radio

Alec Cyganowski of Powerspace

Up to the stage first was the power pop band Powerspace. Delivering a fierce first blow to the crowd, Powerspace brought the rock and music that had their fans screaming along.

Coming up second was Danger:Radio. Opening with a few lines from Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller,” Danger:Radio instantly let the crowd know what they were in for. Without saying a word, they promised everything and didn’t hold back — even more, singer Andrew de Torres definitely got the crowd moving, asking them to dance non-stop.

Previous singer and guitarist of band Early November, Ace Enders and A Million Different people instantly became a crowd favorite. Mixing it up with both new songs such as “Rain,” “Red Eye,” and “Reaction,” from his new band, as well as old favorites from Early November, Ace and his band definitely held down the house with their indie rock and had the crowd singing along to every lyric he poured out.

Last, but certainly not least, Cute Is What We Aim [CIWWAF] For took the stage to continue the flow of pop and rock that had been storming the pit for the previous couple hours. Touring also in promotion of their new CD, Rotation, which was released this past June, CIWWAF dropped some new tunes as well as some older ones from their 2006 release, The Same Old Blood Rush With a New Touch. Playing singles such as “Curse of Curves,” and the newly released, “Practice Makes Perfect,” CIWWAF wrapped up the night with a relentless pounding of pop punk that got the fans waving their hands, jumping, and singing along to one of their favorite bands.

A couple things I would like to mention: When I arrived at the opening of the doors at 6:30, the line for the concert was wrapped around the entire building with fans. Not once did any of the bands disappoint — in fact, they all showed a ton of love. Every singer and member of each band [that could get up and get there — the stage was PACKED to the front] went up to the edge of the crowd and grabbed many ecstatic fans’ hands multiple times. It was great to see this and feel the camaraderie between the bands and the crowd, and made for some great photo opportunities.

*Again — thanks to Keith Mokris for letting me use his 17-55 f/2.8 for this shoot, as well as Lucas Keller [publicist of Ace Enders and A Million Different People] and Creepy Crawl for setting up credentials for this shoot.