Amp Editor-In-Chief Caroline Doerhoff has re-realized her love for Feist, thanks to Steven Colbert. What can’t that man do! NOW WITH VIDEO!

You know, I’ve loved Feist for a few years now…her voice is magical, her songs are well-crafted, her lyrics are witty. But I grew complacent in my love, I’ll admit it. I grew comfortable in my affection for Feist, though I sometimes thought she deserved more than her modest success. And then….that commercial. After seeing that iPod commerical for the hundred bajillionth time, I grew disenchanted. Don’t get me wrong, “The Reminder” is the definition of a solid album…I just got to the point where I wanted to punt a baby every time I heard “1234” coming from some chick’s cell phone.

When I heard that Feist was coming to the Pageant here in Saint Louis, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get tickets because of her overwhelming popularity. The show sold out quickly, just as I assumed it would, and I wasn’t disappointed. Now I see that maybe I should have been…

Tonight on The Colbert Report, Feist agreed to play an impromptu song. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and a microphone, Feist proceeded to blow my mind with her rendition of the song “I Feel It All.” She sounded fantastic…there wasn’t an off note anywhere, and her improvisations felt natural, never clumsy or overdone. My love for Feist was rekindled in those few minutes…and I have Steven Colbert to thank. Let’s hear it for the Colbert Bump!

EDIT: Watch and believe! Here’s Miss Feist on Colbert.