I had, what I thought was, a wonderful idea! I was going to listen to an album that recently came out and then draw what I “saw” when I heard it. Well, here’s the result of that brilliance.

I guess it was more of a “free draw”, highly comparable to a free verse or one of those writing exercises where you can’t pick your pen up off the paper and you just write whatever comes to mind. That’s basically what I did except I had to pick my Sharpie up to change colors (or mediums when I used a pen).

Here’s what happened: I listened to Volume One by She & Him, the band that consists of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. Then I drew stuff on a piece of 8” x 11” computer paper. These are things that I thought of when I listened to their music. I hope Zooey and M don’t hate me now because I did this terribly awesome doodle.

Say what you will about my 21 year old attempt at drawing with permanent markers and a Paper<3Mate pen. I think it seriously rivals the Maddox kids drawings.