KSLU DJ Tim Lemieux, endearingly referred to as Mew Mew, gives you his take on the most recent SSLYBY show at the Bluebird. Read and enjoy!


In one of my infinite acts of wisdom, I decided that, on Monday the 14th, I would go to the Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin concert at the Bluebird instead of studying for my communications test. So I loaded myself into the car with my gal pals Leah Ducey and Lauren Choate and we headed on our path to the Bluebird. After quickly getting lost due to the lack of a big sign for the venue, and the fact that we had never been there, we entered the bar and paid our minor fee.The Bluebird was small and a bit dark but fairly cozy with couches and tables. We waited a bit until the first band, Gentleman Auction House, took the stage.
I had seen Gentleman Auction House, a local band, about a week before at the Billiken Club. They had played an energetic and cute show at the Billiken Club so I was expecting good things. Thankfully, they didn’t disappoint. They started off with a slow and intimate song. They had some small technical difficulties with Kiley Lewis’s keyboard, the continued on. It was clear that, despite their energy on stage, they were someone what uncomfortable with the small and quiet crowd; lead singer Eric Enger called all of us closer to the stage with a promise to cuddle and commented on how quiet the room was in between songs. They played some old songs and new stuff off their EP, The Book of Matches. Overall, a very good set, but maybe not as good as they had been at the Billiken Club.

Next on stage was Via Audio, a fairly energetic New York band. They were very high energy, especially bassist David Lizmi who was bouncing around the stage in his cut off jean shorts and his pink hat. They moved from classic indie-pop rock to including some techno beats in a song about robots and then to a jazzy song. Lots of the songs they played were off their Say Something, Say Something, Say Something. It wasn’t the best thing I had seen, but still good.

The time most of the crowd of 50 was waiting for came quickly and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin took the stage. Phillip Duckey started on drums, Will Knauer and John Cardwell on guitars, and Jonathan James on bass. The energy from the crowd, especially the drunken girl right behind me, influenced the band, and they seemed to be really enjoying themselves. They began playing lots of songs off their new album, Perishing. After about 5 songs, they switched around the who was playing what instruments, with John moving to bass, Jon moving to drums, and Phillip moving to guitar. During a rendition of “Modern Mystery”, Phillip’s guitar crapped out. Despite the problem, he played it off well, first trying another guitar then grabbing a tambourine and then playing air guitar. He got the problem fixed right after the song and they continued on. The set was amazing and very strong the whole way through. The band really enjoyed themselves. I had their last song, “Oceanographer”, stuck in my head the rest of the night. Overall, I enjoyed myself and became a fan of SSYLBY all in the same night.