Eden Temple gives her short and direct review of the Yonder Mountain String Band. It’s all about one thing here– the music.

On Saturday the 23rd of February the entire pit at the Pageant was filled with a mixture of people from every walk of life, with one common interest—Yonder Mountain String Band. The Pageant had to open an extra minor area because there were so many youngsters coming to see the concert. Then the band ,consisting of Jeff Austin the mandolin player, Ben Kaufmann the bass player, Dave Johnston on the banjo and Adam Aijala on the guitar, came out ready to play.

      The band started to play and the crowd erupted in movement. Although the concert didn’t result in a crazy dance party, the band was relatively interactive with the audience. They seemed to really care about giving the people what they wanted, more music. They wanted to let us hear as much music as possible before they were forced to leave by the venue. At one point Jeff Austin, the mandolin player, went out into the crowd so that he could see Yonder Mountain String Band play, which is something he’s always wanted to do.

While I was disappointed that they didn’t play some of my favorite songs, every song they played was still enjoyable. They tried to play songs that they hadn’t preformed yet during their tour. Most of the songs were very upbeat which created a positive atmosphere to accompany everyone’s excitement. The music was the perfect volume and the light effects could only be described as “trippy.”