KSLU DJ, Adam Hayes, has opinions about music (and many other things) and he would like you to know them. In this first of many weekly installments, Adam gives you a song he likes and believes you should like, too!
“Uninvisible” by Medeski, Martin & Wood off of their album “Uninvisible”

Who has two thumbs and likes jazz? This guy does (points to self with two said thumbs). This track is for any one who enjoys any of the following items:  organs, horns, unicorns, drums, and ghosts. Guess which two items don’t belong. The answer will surprise you.


This bumpy track starts out with a heavy bass line that will hook you right away. Light and steady drumming tie together the two featured musical elements of this tune, the organ and the horns, both of which show influences of 1970s funk, a musical movement that is, in my humble opinion, very much underappreciated by the kids these days. A relatively short track that leaves one wanting more, put this track on repeat and have yourself a groovy time. 


According to the know-all, be-all of music information known as iTunes, this MMW tune is the 11th most popular in their catalogue. This goes to show that while probably somewhat unknown, somebody out there agrees with my genius. Now I can groove to this song with some confidence in the existence of taste in a wider music-appreciating population. And you can, too!