Pop culture enthusiast, Sara Beg, took a trip to the other side of the Mississippi to attend the epic OneRepublic/Josh Kelley concert at Pop’s. Check out her take on the show along with other random tidbits from the show! Rumor has it she almost got in a bar fight with someone…


Even though the Josh Kelly and OneRepublic concert was amazing, only around 200 tickets were sold. To make up for this, Pop’s e-mailed pretty much everyone on the planet and said they were giving out free tickets. This caused the place to be ridiculously packed. I actually paid for my ticket, which is ok since after the concert I illegally downloaded OneRepublic’s entire CD, so it evened out in the end.

The doors opened at 7pm but I had the bright idea to show up at around 5:45 and stood in the freezing cold for over an hour. It was worth it because I was this close (holds forefinger and thumb very close together) to the stage, which of course was awesome!

The concert began with the opening act, The Daylights. They were a pretty good band, although not exactly the same sound as either Josh Kelly or OneRepublic, but that’s not important. This was when all the fun started to happen, because I almost got into two bar fights! How great would that have been?! The first was this lady who managed to push her way through to the very front of the stage by claiming to be the girlfriend of the singer from The Daylights, she wasn’t, but she was a very touchy feely drunk lady. She left, and then the real fun started. Two girls also somehow got to the front of the stage and were standing extremely close to me. A shouting match broke out, which was fun, all happening during the opening act, which means I have no real idea what was going on during this concert.

Josh Kelly came next. He was freaking awesome! I had no idea what his songs were though, because I went to the concert for OneRepublic, but you know that’s ok because he sounded fantastic and his bass player had the sweetest yellow sunglasses in the world. I asked if I could have them, he ignored me, it was sad. Josh Kelly’s music was pretty good, but his conversations with the crowd were pretty great. He referred to us all as sexy people, that pretty cool.


Then, finally, two hours after the opening act went on, OneRepublic took the stage. They were fantastic. Everyone in the crowd was screaming at the top of their lungs. Most of their songs are pretty mellow, softer type music, but they had a cello player and he was magnificent. The best part though was when they did a cover song. It started out with The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” which didn’t seem too out of the ordinary as their music sounds pretty similar. But then, they began to sing a song that was not expected at all. It switched from The Verve to Rihanna. Yes, Rihanna. They were singing “Umbrella” and I have to say I liked their version way more than the original. Then they played “Apologize” and sadly Timbaland did not magically appear on stage to jam with them, but the non-Timbaland version is much better because they have a cello player and that was fantastic.


Then, sadly, the concert ended. But not before everyone got on stage and they all drank some sort of alcohol I don’t know the name of. Everyone began to file out from the venue and walking around aimlessly was Josh Kelly and I got to meet him, which was pretty cool, a fantastic end to a wonderful show.