On Wednesday, February 20th Staff Writer Anna Fields was able to finagle an interview with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, hosts of Diggnation, at their live taping in St. Louis. Talk of the beginning of Diggnation, Edward 40 Hands, and shoe theft ensued…

I got to the live taping of Diggnation at about 7:20 p.m., 10 min before the show was scheduled to start, and already the event was at capacity, I couldn’t even make it up the staircase. I stood around for a few minutes trying to figure out what I should do for the next three quarters of an hour:
-Option 1: The Loser Option- stand at the entrance to the show, hoping that by some miracle random people will just get up in the middle of the show and leave, making room for me.
-Option 2: The Hardcore Option- break through the glass window separating me from the rest of the room. I suggested this to the rest of the people standing on the staircase, but it didn’t receive a rousing endorsement.
I resigned myself to just standing on the stairs and watching the show through the glass window, when I realized I forgot my tape recorder for the interview that I was supposed to be doing with the hosts after the taping! Mother F*****!!!!
(This brings us to Option 3: The Make a F***ing list so you don’t forget important things option.)

I called the roommate and to see if she wanted to search for the recorder. She found it and decided that she could take a break from playing WOW to come with and keep me company while I waited for the show to end. I picked her up, take her to Taco Bell, and then we headed back over to the show.

Perfect timing! The show has just ended. I got inside but had to wait for Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht to sign stuff and pose for pictures. In the mean time I met Jim Louderback (the CEO of Revision3) and Chris Bergman (Editor of PAUSE Magazine which you should check out). Chris was also trying to get an interview so we decided to work together (Yay, team work, I guess those elementary school team building exercises played off). After about an hour and a half of Chris and I waiting and watching Kevin and Alex get mobbed (for lack of a better term) we were finally able to corner them:

Staff Writer Anna Fields with Diggnation hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

“What was the impetus for doing your first show?”
Kevin: “What first show?”
Alex: “Our first show.”
“Your first live show…”
Kevin: “Our first live show…uhhh…it was just uhhh… we were…”
Alex: “No, it was our one-year anniversary right?”
Kevin: “One-year anniversary, right.”
Alex: “It was our one-year anniversary, and we realized that what we did wasn’t all that studio intensive and that we could have a couch anywhere. And I still remember driving up, the Beach Chalet was our first live show, and I literally remember driving up with Kevin and we were just about to get there and he goes, “I just hope somebody shows up,” he was like, “I don’t care how many people show up, I just hope like 10 people show up” and I was like we’ll definitely get 10…”
Kevin: “Yeah, it turned out being a few hundred.”
Alex: “Yep, a few hundred and then, then it was just down hill ever since, and it’s this kind of thing…”
Kevin: “Or up hill…”

“You two worked together on The Screen Savers, was there a previous rapport that you two had, or was it pure serendipity that you guys have such a great dynamic?”
Kevin: “We were man friends before starting the—“
Alex: “No, no, not at all, I literally walked into the… well first off little back story: I had been watching The Screen Savers for like 3 years before I was able to audition for The Screen Savers, and I’m sure I’ve told you this story. I got the audition cause I met some girl at a wedding that happened to be a producer at TechTV, and I was like oh my god I can totally audition for The Screen Savers… I walked in and it was Kevin literally standing at home base. So I walk in and I’m like oh shit! Martin Sargent was there watching, and I was like ohh creepy, “Hi Martin Sargent from Unscrewed.” And Joshua Brentano was there who I knew from a LAN party thing, so I’m like freaking out, and then Paul Block was there, who was the person who I should have been nervous about cause he was the executive producer of the show. But I was all like pusssshhhh, who is this guy? So we got up and just started bull shitting, and it was just instantly fun.”
Kevin: “Yeah, we just had a good time. It was just like two guys that had known each other for a long time–(to Chris from PAUSE) can we trade shoes?!”
PAUSE: “Um no, I like these.”
Kevin: “What size do you wear? Ten?”
PAUSE: “Eleven?”
Kevin: “Ten and a half maybe?”
PAUSE: “Yeah, maybe ten and a half.”
Kevin: “Let’s do it.”
Alex: “No no no no.”
PAUSE: “Are you serious?”
Kevin: “You can sell my shit on EBay. Come on!”
Alex (to Kevin): “Dude, what are you talking about? Yours are Vans. Vans are way better.”
Kevin: “I just wanna see if they fit.”
PAUSE: “If they fit you can have them.”
Kevin: “Dude, I f*** love these! “
PAUSE: “Are you serious?!”
Kevin: “Yeah! “
PAUSE: “Will you plug pauseculture.com?”
Kevin: “Do those fit? Are they too big?”
PAUSE: “No they’re good, they’re good, they’re perfect. Dude, are you kidding me!? These are freakin’ awesome.”
Kevin: “So we just made a trade.”

PAUSE: “What is it about the intimacy of pod-casting that has enabled you to connect with your audience?”
“Can I use that question? ‘Cause that was the same as mine.”
PAUSE: “Go ahead, that’s fine.”
Alex: “Honestly, it’s the fact that the show is what we do regularly. The show is us taping what we would do on a weekend together, where we would drink beers and talk about stuff that we were interested in. so I think that, that is something that comes across on the pod-cast. There’s not something false about it. We’re not acting like people that we’re not. This is what we do, and this is who we are. So I think it allows people the opportunity to feel like they’re the 3rd person in that room. You know what I mean? It’s not a camera then millions of people. It’s us and the person who is experiencing our show, which I think is really great and for us. Stuff like this (referring to the hundreds of people who showed up for their live show) blows our minds more then anybody could probably imagine. I mean, this is the shit where we’re like “people are coming to see us do the shit that we were doing in the hotel room before the show?” This is what we do.”
PAUSE: “Kevin do you have anything to add to that?”
Kevin: “Uhh…”
Alex: “You could just say you’re amazing.”
Kevin: “What was the question again?”
PAUSE: “What is it about pod-casting that makes it more intimate then TV?”
Kevin: “I think that when we were doing TV we had an executive producer that would come in and say like, you have five minutes to do this segment, or you have 6 minutes and then you have to get out cause we have to go to commercial break…”
Alex: “Or the legal team would come in and say, “Please don’t say that.”
Kevin: “Yeah, so for us it’s kind of like basically, even if the camera wasn’t recording, this is the same shit we would be talking about on the couch, right? We don’t come out there and go we’ve gotta talk about this. It’s just like; lets just have a good time, and get drunk.”
Alex: “Yeah, we’ve been kind of fighting like, that’s the whole balance we’re trying to strike as we’re becoming more popular, is to say that this is still a show about two guys on a couch drinking beers, really just bullshitting. Talking about what we like to talk about so I mean that’s that deal. The balance that we’re trying to strike now as a company to say we have big sponsors, but we’re trying to fight the whole urge of becoming “Wayne’s World” as it were, making a studio with a couch.”
“Beer seems to have become an integral part of your pod-cast, but how do you think the month of sobriety has affected your dynamic, if at all?”
Kevin: “I think it has made us more lightweight, if you will.”
Alex: “I would say that, a little lighter in the britches…”
“Two beer queers?”

Kevin: “Yeah…”
Alex: “Well that, defiantly. Lets just say I was nervous for our first show back.”
Kevin: “We did Edward 40 hand.”
“You guys did not do Edward 40 hands; you did not have both hands taped.”
Kevin: “I said hand, not hands.”
“And you bitched the entire time about it being cold!”
Alex: “I was wondering about that.”
Kevin: “Oh oh, let me say this, they were in the freezer for a fucking hour before we brought them out and taped it to my hand!”
Alex: “And I told you, I said why are you putting them in the freezer? We have to tape these to our fucking hands! “
Kevin: “You know what, you come over to our house, we’ll put a 40 in the freezer and tape it to your hand and see what happens!”