The Amp would like to take this moment to introduce you to one of KSLU’s DJ’s…the fantabulous Alison Arida.

DJ Name: Alison Arida
Show Name: Close to Modern
Time: 4-5 Mondays
Genre: Various Indie

What’s your favorite thing about having a radio show?

Giving people the opportunity to hear the type of music I like and to broaden people’s musical horizon.

How do you prepare for your show?

I make a playlist before, making note of transitions and I try to play as many new releases as I can fit in my show time.

What’s your favorite New Release on the rack right now?

YMD “Excuse Me This is the Yah Mos Def”

What was your weirdest radio station experience?

I’ve never had any outrageous moments but I have had my share of technical difficulties and it must be noted that I handled them flawlessly.

How else are you involved in KSLU?

I’m assistant music director, I’m on the music committee I have office hours Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 3. I assassinate bitches and party all night.

If you could be any article of clothing what would you be and why?

A sweatshirt with a Saber tooth Tiger on it and glitter in the background. Because they’re fierce just like myself. Or I’d be a V-Neck tshirt on a really hot guy with a mustache.

Who is your dream house party performer?

Spank Rock, shit would get nutz!

What was your favorite concert of all time?

Animal Collective of May 2007, in Chicago.

Any shameless promotions?