Lyrical from beginning to end, this latest mix tape features the hottest bands from New York. This NY Rock mix tape is sure to make you sprint off to where ever you get your music from (whether it be from iTunes or your friendly neighborhood music store) and get these dance-alicious tunes. Lesley describes each song with such intensity that it’s likely your ears will be salivating with anticipation to hear the songs she chose to throw on this mix tape. Dance your hearts out, faithful readers!

p.s. If your ears actually do begin salivating, you might want to get that checked out.


Mix Tape: NY Rock

BY: Lesley Rottsolk

It’s no shock that New York City is a harbor for good music. However, as of late, there has been some particularly good stuff coming out of the city. This mix tape is my top 10 songs from up and coming NY bands.

1.Rock n’ Roll Will Never Die” – My Brightest Diamond: My Brightest Diamond’s founder, Shara Worden’s vocals combined with the pulsating beats fading in and out is beyond hypnotic, creating an undeniably catchy song.

2.Navy Nurse” – The Fiery Furnaces: This can only really be described as schizophrenic. At some points all that ties the song together are the repeating lyrics. Each section has a completely different and unique sound, but somehow they all work together in this meandering epic of a melody.

3.New Violence” – White Williams: One of the best electro-pop releases of the year. The greatest thing is that it is only slightly over 2 and a half minutes long. This is the perfect length of time for the entrancing chorus to hook you in without shoving itself so far into your brain that it will be there for the next 3 days.

4.Winds” – White Magic : This is the most beautiful and haunting track off of their new EP Dark Stars. The most striking element has to be singer, Mira Billotte’s wild and husky voice that is layered, weaving in and out through the song.

5.No One Ever Dies Young” – Favourite Sons: Dark yet dancey, the dueling guitars and constant rhythm section enhance the infectious and fun lyrics.

6.Welcome To My Room” – Vietnam: The perfect mix of new age rock and old school blues. The distortion adds a gnarly feel to the song, perfectly matched to lead singer, Michael Gerner’s raspy voice. “Welcome to my room and welcome to my mind” and oh what a sketchy and wondrous mind to be in.

7.Kid On My Shoulders” – White Rabbits: An overall awesome track from an amazing band. What initially sounds like a pretty straight forward hipster dance-rock song continues to grow as layer upon layer of sound is added. Culminating at about the 3 minute mark when a whole chorus of vocals starts in on top of the piano, guitars, drums, and various other elements.

8.Atlas” – Battles: Math-rock at it finest, actually it’s the only math-rock I’ve heard so it could be the worst for all I know. However, that is hard to believe; somehow this ultra technical song still manages to be completely danceable. The syncopated beat lures you in and then you just ride the wave for the remaining seven minutes.

9.Bad Blood” – Bear Hands: A little more poppy than the other bands and slightly Weezer-esque but still really good in its own right. “Bad Blood” is defiantly the highlight of the EP, with the drums taking center stage.

10.Nantes” – Beirut: How could I not put it on this mix? It seems as though everyone and their mother is talking about Beirut lately, but with good cause. Zach Condon’s voice and lyrics are on the top of their game on this song, as well as the entire album.